It’s funny. I can tell you where I’m from, what I’ve done, what I’ve survived, but its hard to tell you who I am. I’m still figuring that out. What I can tell you with confident certainty is that my writing style paints the clearest picture of who I am. 

I write with metaphors and vivid imagery because that is how I see the world.

I write with dramatic diction and focus on sensory scenes because I’m a feeler.

I write with intricate detail because I’m entranced by the millions of ‘little things’ that weave together to make the whole.

I write about pain because I’ve lived it. I write about joy because I exude it.

I write with honesty because I’m a terrible liar.

I write timidly because I’m afraid of offending. I write boldly because it can save a life.

I write with longing because I yearn to know my Savior.

I write because sometimes it’s the only way I can think or function.

My writing tells you who I am on the inside. But on the surface, I’m a 21 year old woman. A full-time college student. A young wife. An only child. A lover of music. A retired (but never retired) dancer. A full-hearted actress. A passionate singer. A thrift store addict. A coffee enthusiast. A ‘good book’ hunter. A climber of rocks. A hibernating (and not so patiently waiting) traveler. A destined, called, and waiting-to-be sent foreign missionary. A do-it-yourself crafter. A ‘let me try’ zealot. A devoted not-yet mother of orphans. An exuberant teacher. An avid learner.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 6.44.05 PM

I’m AllieMarie Councell and these are my stories, my thoughts, and my insights on life. 

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